On behalf of the COST Action “Medicines Shortages” (CA15105) , European Medicines Shortages Research Network - addressing supply problems to patients, a summer Training School addressing Pharmaceutical Supply Chains (SC) is organized by Instituto Politécnico de Portalegre (IPP). Teachers, researchers, MSc/PhD students and practitioners will meet at the College of Technology and Management (ESTG/IPP), Portalegre, Portugal, 03-07 of July 2017, to discuss MORE ADVANCED TOPICS for "Pharmaceutical SC: Medicines Shortages".

The program considers a SEMINAR open to the general public in the very first day (03-July-2017). The seminar will present other relevant challenges to the Action, and the participants in the Seminar-day are also gaining a complete  overview of the Training School, since the technical sessions in the following days are also introduced.

     A fully follow up of the 5-days is strongly recommended for those participants interested in “Medicines Shortages” and in "Pharmaceutical SC". However, attending either the seminar-day, the workshops, or only one of the technical sessions can be allowed upon registration.

      Beyond the active participation in the technical sessions, the young researchers are also invited to present their works related to the Action subjects and to Pharmaceutical SC, either by Poster or in a special session for oral presentations!      

      For additional information about Speakers, Program and other topics of interest, please visit our website or contact the Portuguese Coordinator  for further  informations.




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